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Scriptables is an open source orchestration tool that takes away the pain of setting up and managing production servers. In just a few minutes you can build app servers, deploy code from GIT, manage your firewall, setup crons and more - all while using a friendly web interface.

While Scriptables is platform agnostic, we love PHP and offer full support for Laravel. This includes all the essential components necessary for running a production server; including MySQL, Nginx, Redis, Multiple PHP versions and more.

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Built for developers

Scriptables is modular and extensible by design.

If you're not familiar with BASH / Python / Perl - no problem at all! You can get very far by utilizing Scriptable's built-in server and app templates without any tinkering.

However, if you are comfortable with these languages and wish to tailor Scriptables to suit your needs, Scriptables allows you the freedom to do so.

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Powerful Features

Powerful and Simple Features

Multiple PHP versions
Full support for most PHP 7 and 8 versions. You can easily install them side by side and run apps on different versions.
Easy LEMP server
Setup all the essential components for Laravel apps including MySQL, Redis, Nginx, PHP-FPM and more.
Scriptables will automatically fine tune your server to be as secure as possible by setting up an SSH only user, configuring the firewall, changing the default SSH port and more. Furthermore, Scriptables will encrypt all senstive information including logs thereby keeping your data safe.
Easy & FREE SSL Certificates
Simple as checking a checkbox. Scriptables will automatically request and install a FREE let's encrypt certificate for your website and configure Nginx correctly to use HTTPS.
Setup and manage all your CRON jobs from Scriptables via an easy to use web GUI.
Firewall management
No more painful iptable configs or trying to remember the exact UFW command. Manage your firewalls from a simple CRUD web interface.
Scriptables sets up a user and deploy key for each app thereby keeping them isolated from each other. This can prevent a breach in one app affecting another.
Push to deploy
Works with most GIT systems such as: github, gitlab, bitbucket and so on. Every time you merge a branch or PUSH to a branch, Scriptables can automatically trigger a build.
Not just for PHP
We love PHP but if you run something else, no problem. Scriptables can easily be adapted to suit your stack. We also provide build templates for standalone Nginx, MySQL and Redis servers.
Self hosted solution
Scriptables can be run from your local machine or the cloud; allowing you maximum security to lock down the tool within your network. We'll even help you install it for FREE on any Ubuntu VPS server.

Simplify your server management

We are on a mission to make server management easy for developers. Allowing you to build and deploy your next great idea fast and securely.

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